Palm Springs for Aarons 30th

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A couple weekends ago(after I threw the most amazing surprise party for Aaron!!) we headed off to Palm Springs for his 30th birthday. Palm Springs is just a 2 hour drive from San Diego which is perfect for a quick weekend getaway. We took Emma with us and stayed at a cute little airbnb in Palm Desert. I wanted to stay somewhere that had a lot of amenities so it was nice to enjoy the backyard pool, hot tub, grill, pool table and even ping pong. Definitely a must if you’re traveling with kids and don’t want to get bored. We had a lot of fun exploring especially because Aaron had never been to Palm Springs before. We took the tram up to the top of San Jacinto Peak which I had no idea that this is the worlds largest rotating tram(I believe it, it’s terrifying haha!) It was great though. If I were to ride the tram again I’d definitely be a little more prepared and bring tennis shoes so I can hike the trails they have at the top. I didn’t really research before heading up there but there are hiking trails, nature walks, snow shoeing(if you go in the winter) and camping. And obviously they have some amazing views!

For the most part this trip was pretty lowkey. We wanted to do some relaxing(at least as much as we could while chasing a toddler around) and got pretty lucky in that it wasn’t crazy hot yet. I’ve been to PS before so it was really fun showing Aaron around to some of my favorite places; Cheekys for breakfast, Ace hotel;Kings Highway for breakfast with a stop at their photobooth for some cute photos together), Arrive Hotel; Resovoir for dinner(best spicy margaritas). Of course all food related 😉 See ya later, Palm Springs!

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