It feels so good to be back from our trip to the Philippines. It was a whirlwind of long flights, mosquito bites, filipino food, some of the best mango I’ve ever tasted and crazy driving. Seriously, the driving is insane there! We spent the first few days of our trip in Cubao which is just between Quezon City and Manila. We had some fun exploring the Green Hills Market for some bargaining/shopping and spending time with family. I love that everything is so affordable!

We then took a short flight to Iloilo which is where we met some more family and got to see where my grandma used to live. It was such a good feeling being able to explore my roots and learn about my grandma and how she brought my mom, aunt + uncle here to the states. I miss her! Iloilo is filled with tons of farmland, it’s so beautiful and green. Beware of the mosquitos if you ever go.

The last part of our trip was vacation time and we were able to spend some time relaxing in Boracay. Boracay Island is beautiful and if you ever take a trip to the Philippines you should definitely check it out, even for a day or two. We took a motorized tricycle up to the top of Mt. Luho and got an incredible 360 view of the island, then walked on the clearest beaches and enjoyed some american food and drank beer. By the end of the trip we were definitely craving a salad and burger so we were incredibly happy to find that on Boracay. If you ever go to Boracay stay at the Lazy Dog hotel. It’s on the east side of the island in Station 2(they totally break the island up into stations – similar to the districts in the Hunger Games!) and it has a really laid back surfer vibe which we really enjoyed and it’s right around the corner from a super cute gastropub run by a husband and wife duo who are from Canada and the Philippines. They were super sweet!

I caught the worst flu right as we were boarding our first flight to come back home. It was awful! And I’m sad to say it’s been a little over a week and I’m still suffering making it really hard to get back to work. I’m so happy to be home though and am so happy I was able to go to the Philippines with my family. I’ll be back soon to talk about the little bit of wedding planning I was able to do in Reno before I flew back to San Diego! Happy Monday!

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