Reno for the holidays

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Just a heads up! With the blog launching last week I’ve been holding onto a lot of photos because I wanted to post them with the new blog design. So you’ll see some blogposts pop up every now and then that were actually photos from a few months back. This is my way of still having a little space to store these photos and our travels. Thanks for understanding!

Many of you know Aaron and I grew up in Reno, Nevada. We moved away over 10 years ago which is still insane to me that a) we’ve been together that long and b) I have been away from my family for a decade. I mean we visit as often as we can but it’s not the same! Especially now that we have Emma. So when it came time to make plans for the holidays it was our year to be in Reno so we agreed to stay for a couple weeks. This would allow us to make sure we got to see everyone and make it a little less stressful trying to run around with Emma. It was a long time to be away from home but I’m glad we did this trip. I love (and miss!) being around family so much(and I guess now, having free childcare, haha) so it was really nice to be able to sneak away for a date here and there and even small things like run errands without the baby. It’s just so convenient! You seriously take that kind of stuff for granted. It’s crazy that this was just 4 months ago. I feel like Emma has grown up so much in just that short time. She was just starting to walk around this time(10 months old!) and if you look at her now she’s basically sprinting everywhere. Even her hair has gotten super long since these photos. In-sane.

Here are some photos from our trip. We were there over Christmas and New Years and even got to spend a day snowboarding(although there sadly wasn’t much snow at the time!) which brought back so many memories.

Emma in that snowsuit KILLS me. I know these photos aren’t exactly of us IN Reno but the great thing about visiting is that Lake Tahoe is a short drive away. Making it really easy to visit!

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