Sincerely Hana


The other day my lovely blog friend @Anitameans posted a tweet regarding an amazing photographer. I was so smitten I HAD to share it here.

Enter: Hana Pesut, a photographer living in Vancouver, Canada.

I’ve been giggling out loud at all of these pictures she took. The concept of her project Switcheroo is amazing + I had one of those “Why didn’t I think of that!” moments. She’s brilliant. See for yourself:

{See more of Hana’s Switcheroo project here.}

After looking at all of these I started to wonder if Aaron would ever do a switcheroo with me if we were ever asked. I think he would as long as I wasn’t wearing one of my rompers, lol!

What about you? Do you think your significant other would be up for the challenge of a switcheroo? 😉

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