Some must haves for your Mac


I’m a huge techy and realized I haven’t really shared some of my favorites for both my iMac and Macbook. Most of which are recommended by my equally nerdy boyfriend. Here are just a few I’m loving lately:

If you’re an ocd minimalist(like me) you’ll really enjoy this app. It temporarily hides all the clutter on your desktop. Really helpful when you’re trying to get work done and don’t want to get distracted by the mess.

Now that I’ve upgraded to an iMac I still wanted to be able use my small macbook for important things like Netflix. 😉 This app enables me to use my mouse and keyboard from my imac onto my macbook. It’s great, simple and easy to use! I definitely recommend it and if you do love it as much as I do you should donate to the creator, I did!

This is a google reader client and has been my favorite so far. It’s very easy to use and I have it on both my iMac and my iPhone.

Tych Panel
This is a photoshop extension and makes it so easy to put together multiple photos for a post like this + this. Literally cuts my time in half, I set the total width of the image and select the photos I want and it does all the work for you! Amazing.

Are there any must-haves you’d like to share?

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