summer fun


So far this Summer has been treating Aaron and I well. We got tattooed last weekend by our friend/artist from Reno. He was kind enough to come down to San Diego and tattoo us while he was visiting. My 3/4 sleeve is finally complete after a solid 3 years of being unfinished. I’m so happy with it. And even happier that I won’t have to get my elbow tattooed again! By far one of the worst areas for me.

I’ve been doing a lot of freelance work for Hello!Lucky lately and it has been a blast. More on that later, but Julia has been so fun to work with. ^_^
Aaron and I went on a fun little kayaking tour yesterday in Shelter Island. It was so neat being able to see dolphins swimming around and hilarious to see the funny looking sea lions sun bathing on the pier. My family is coming to visit in August and I’m thinking this kayaking tour would be so fun to take them on! Have any of you been snorkeling or paddleboarding before? There’s a groupon going on right now and I’m trying to decide if I want to purchase it. Large bodies of water in general freak me out, I have a huge fear of fish, so the snorkeling wouldn’t be the best decision for myself but I’m thinking the paddleboarding tour would be fun! Any suggestions?

This afternoon I enjoyed a nice happy hour over at Cafe Chloe with a couple friends. If any of you are local I would definitely recommend it!

Aside from working a lot, Aaron and I have been cooking at home together, working and watching a lot of Jersey Shore(guilty pleasure!) I’m excited to pay a visit to my hometown Reno next week and even more excited to see all of my family and old friends. It’ll be so nice to catch up.

I hope you all have a great week xo

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