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Keep on creating


Since landing a full time job as a designer I’ve found it harder and harder to want to work on projects of my own after a long day of sitting in front of a computer screen. I’ve been telling myself […]

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moving along


Aaron and I have started to dedicate Sundays to strictly “us” days. With all the work we’ve been doing it’s hard to coordinate dates and quality time together so doing this has definitely helped. Its my favorite day of the […]

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Birthday weekend!


This weekend was wonderful! Mainly because it was my birthday on Saturday, which I always make sure to turn March into my birthday MONTH. Yes, I get to celebrate my birthday for the entire month, Aaron hates it. 😉 The […]

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My week in pictures

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This week was filled with bike rides and coffee chats with good friends, actually that happened last week I’m just late in getting these pictures on the blog. 😉 Aaron and I have been hanging out with my coworker and […]

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