The above photo totally has nothing to do with Thanksgiving but can I just say that lettering is so fun? I know I talk about it way too much on here. However, I am so excited for all of the adventures planned for 2014. This year zoomed by way too quickly making me realize that we really didn’t get enough traveling in. Next year will be so different. 🙂

Aaron and I had planned to pack up with the dogs and head over to Vegas this long weekend but I suddenly had a change of heart and decided that this year we will spend our first Thanksgiving together, just ourselves. This is our first year with an additional member and I’m just not ready to travel 5 hours there and back with 2 dogs in a small car. I really just want to relax and enjoy it. I was happily surprised when I called Aaron this evening and he said he was at Whole Foods picking up ingredients for our Thanksgiving dinner. So exciting! Even though we don’t have an oven it won’t keep me from eating a big meal and stuffing my face.

This week has been chaotic to say the least with a ton of work at the agency as well as pumping out a ton of freelance work but now that I’ve worked my ass off I’m so ready for the extended weekend. I hope you all have the very best time and drive safe if you’re traveling!! I’ll be back next week with a few fun posts. xo

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  • I’m totally one who enjoys spending Thanksgiving with just my husband and I. We always have the freedom to pop by and visit friends which is nice. It’s a great way to reflect back on our year together.

  • Awh, how fun that you’re having your first Thanksgiving together! I’ve been thinking about how the boyfriend and i will do that in the future. i’m so family oriented i can’t imagine not spending the holidays with them!

  • Eeeee! I dream of the day where my honey and I can just have our own thanksgiving. The whole family thing is so great too, but it can just be so exhausting. Sigh.

  • I got zero travel last year. In fact, I guess I got Zero travel for over 6-7 years. So, traveling (a lot!) is absolutely on my 2014 list! 🙂
    Lovely photo, by the way!!!