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As most of you know I’ve recently picked up some freelance work. This is both exciting and exhausting but I’m having such a blast working with new clients and getting to know each of them. I currently have a part time job as a barista, I LOVE my job and cannot imagine not working there, I’ve been there for over a year and a half and have been given the privilege to basically pick the days and times I get to work. I love my job, seriously. I get to work the amount of hours I need all while having the freedom to accept freelance jobs. I’m extremely thankful for this.

Now that I got my new iMac last week I’ve been doing more work at home instead of the coffee shop. I’ve noticed somethings that really help me stay focused and get work done so I decided to share these tips with all of you.

What works for me:

» Painting my nails
I read an amazing post by Diana on this topic and now I want to continue painting my nails every week. I really CANT get work done unless my nails are painted. OHHHH I’m also super happy because now that I’m not in culinary anymore I can paint my nails any which way I please. It’s amazing. Last weekend I decided to test out Sephora’s OPI nail polish and got their “It’s a tire jack” all black polish.

» Background noise
Whether it’s netflix playing or music from my Pandora or iTunes it really helps me stay focused when it’s not dead silent in the room.

» Closing out Twitter/facebook/mail/feed reader
I spend the first hour or so browsing my feed reader, answering emails and talking my face off on Twitter + Facebook. After that I buckle down, close all of those applications and get to work. Knowing that I’ve given the “social butterfly” in me time to let itself out it gives me the satisfaction to start on my projects with a clear mind.

» A clean workspace
Aaron and I have a habit of dropping everything where it is once we enter the house. It’s a horrible habit but we’ve also started another nice habit of cleaning before we start work. We spend a good 10-15 minutes tidying up the bedroom and putting everything into place. I can’t express how important a clean workspace helps us stay focused.

» Breaks
When you’re working away on a project it’s hard to not get sucked into it. Often times I find it easier for me to concentrate when I take breaks. Today for instance, I was having a difficult time with an illustration, left to go get coffee at the shop and came back ready to start again. I found I no longer had any difficulty with that obstacle and I’m actually REALLY happy with the result! Also, don’t forget to take breaks to feed yourself. I totally forgot to eat today. Oops.

So here are just some tips that I’ve noticed help me. Is there anything that helps you get work done? Please share! I’d love to hear what helps you out 🙂

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