Tools For Creatives: Editorial Calendar


Every couple weeks I’ll be sharing some great tools and resources I’ve come across that help make life as a creative freelancer that much better. This one relates more for the creative who also blogs but I promise it’s not always going to be about blogging! Blogging has been a major aide in bringing in business and serves as such a great creative outlet for weeks when I’m doing work that might not be as fun. Now that I’m freelance designing full-time developing a blogging schedule has been important + forces me to be more consistent whereas when I wasn’t too serious about blogging I’d post once every few weeks and the topics were always up in the air.

I recently downloaded the Editorial Calendar plugin for WordPress and it’s been a lifesaver! You can view your entire month or week(whatever works best for you), drag + drop posts where needed and schedule and edit everything within the calendar. I add each specific post in as a draft that way every Sunday I can write out all of the content for the week and hit schedule. I don’t like the idea of my blog being on autopilot with so many scheduled posts though so I’ll try to write more personal/what I’m doing/learning entries throughout the weeks. I’ve tried writing out each post on an actual calendar and it’s so hard, especially because the perfectionist in me concentrates more on how my handwriting looks than on what the actual post is saying. I might be totally behind with this plugin but it’s really benefitted how I blog and helps keep me on track so I don’t run out of topics to post about. Consistency is key!

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