Website launch – NOIRVE


My new website is here! It’s been a painful week trying to get everything together and finish my website design + gather all of my portfolio work. My goal was to launch right before we head off to Designer Vaca tomorrow and with a few long nights for Aaron plus an all nighter for me last night, it’s here. And I am so grateful that Aaron put in so much work to make this a reality. I owe him many date nights. 😉

I’ve been wanting to ditch the name Hello Vanny for years and actually bought this domain 1 year ago as of last week. I went through several different site designs for myself yet with each different outcome, nothing was really feeling like me. It took several months to get to this point but I am so happy it’s live and I have a new home to showcase my design work and blog. I’m so happy with it and all of the tears and stress prove to be worth it. Click around a bit, if you see anything that doesn’t look right feel free to let me know. Thank you all for the support, now it’s vacation time!


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