Weekend Recap


This weekend was so nice. Today is Aaron’s birthday so his brothers and grandparents came into town to celebrate over the weekend. His little brother Nolan who’s about 12 years younger is staying with us in our tiny apartment while his older brother Brandon, his girlfriend Haleigh and their puppy Banksy stayed at a hotel while the grandparents stayed in a hotel in Old Town not too far away. I had to work most of the time they were here but I was still able to enjoy some time with them. We went to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park which is about 30 minutes out of town on Saturday. I really loved seeing all of the animals in such a “natural” habitat. And obviously I know that San Diego is not their home but I really enjoyed being able to see the animals rome around freely and not in a cage. Get what I’m saying? And just a fare warning for anyone that goes to that park, it is freaking HOT. Be prepared, bring lots of water, sunscreen and your walking shoes. I clearly had no idea what I was getting myself into with my jeans, flats and I managed to forget to bring a hair tie. The worst.

Yesterday we went to the Padres vs. Angels game. I’ve never been to a game before and LOVED it! I’m so excited that we have our own team and stadium here and look forward to going to many more games with Aaron. It makes me happy seeing Aaron get so excited about the game as well. He’s super excited for football season to start so we can go to some of the Chargers games.

This morning everyone drove back home except for Nolan who flies back home to Minnesota tomorrow. We spent the day at the dog beach and as soon as we got home I napped and went to Target. Last night Aaron and I deep cleaned the apartment but I finished it off this morning with my new mop. Yea, we obviously know we’re getting older when we find ourselves getting excited about cleaning supplies and a clean apartment.

Tonight is being spent relaxing, cooking asparagus, drinking lots of lemon water and watching endless episodes of Parenthood. I booked my flight to Reno for the end of June and I am SO excited. I’ve been really homesick lately and want nothing more than to eat good sushi, hang out with my family, catch up with friends and go to Lake Tahoe. I can’t wait! I actually bought a bathing suit tonight from Victoria’s Secret and now I just need to get in shape to wear it! Operation get fit is definitely happening. Since moving to San Diego I haven’t had any time to find a new gym so that needs to happen soon.

Anyways, I’m off to watch more Parenthood. Night!

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  • I love reading your cute little blog! I’m currently in pastry school and so burnt out. I graduate in September and already want to call it quits. Any advice?

  • Isn’t the weather change from San Diego to Escondido CRAZY? It can vary by as much as 25 degrees sometimes. It gets crazy hot out here.

  • what a fun weekend!
    I miss Reno and it’s sushi SO Much! People are always confused when I say that, but I guess you have to be from there to know it. I’m going at the end of July AND August. Have so much fun on your trip!

  • Bless your perfect little bun, oh my God, it looks so perfect on you. For real.

    Also woohoo on the Reno trip, hope you have a butt load of fun! 😀