Weekend Recap- May 16th, 2010


This weekend wasn’t that eventful considering I had to work this weekend but here you go!

Things I loved this weekend; date night with my love, seeing Iron Man 2, making a scrumptious dinner involving tofu and brown rice, earning a little extra money by working on Saturday(I feel like I live there! and that is fine by me) making a birthday cake for Aarons grandma, and learning from my mistakes(see pic below) learning that I enjoy eating at home now then eating out(amazing!) Epic ZINGS via twitter, getting tons of sleep which was probably unhealthy but I feel awesome and snuggling with my love.

This is the result of the “Coffee crunch” I had to make for Aarons grandma’s cake. The sugar+corn syrup+baking soda mixture practically blew up in the oven. Let’s just say that wasn’t very fun to clean up but luckily I had Aaron to lend a helping hand. I was very happy with the outcome after trying the recipe once more though:

My arm is practically all healed up so look forward to some colorful pictures posted this week! 🙂

How was your weekend? Do anything fun and exciting?

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  • Poor Aaron! It does look as though it cooked quite nicely on the bottom of the oven though. I would rather spill all that than light a bunch of top ramen noodles on fire… my whoops!