I decided that after a long break from it that I’d start bringing back my Weeklinks feature to the blog! I love the internet and there is so much that I come across daily that I’d love to continue sharing my finds with you all. Here’s the first batch of links!

Jaime posted a great tutorial on how to emboss your own printed designs.

I’m in dire need of this When You Love painting. Check out more of Kal Barteski’s pieces here.

Breanna shared some great insight on how she creates moodboards for clients. I don’t typically create moodboards with my clients but I think after reading this post I may give it a try. 🙂

Designer Ross Bruggink launched a new site, Reverie Events and it’s beautiful! I am in love with the logo and the textures he used. It’s gorgeous.

ps; if you haven’t checked it out yet, I updated my portfolio! xo

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