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Slowly but surely getting back to blogging and have been starting to put time aside every other day to work on a post. I find that not putting the pressure on myself to push a certain number of posts out each week is making it so much more enjoyable. I think the break I took was so necessary! Here are some links for your week:

→ Dying to try this ahi tuna poke quinoa bowl recipe

→ Bre wrote a great post about systemizing client onboarding which is great for making your client intake process go quicker and smoother!

→ I love this post by Regina, 14 Drake Lyrics that will help you kill it in business and in life. So freaking clever.

5 Books to Read This Year As a Business Owner I’ve made a goal this year to read a new book a month(baby steps) and this is a great list I want to check out!

→ This was an amazing post by Jamie on Creating the Optimal Adobe Illustrator Workspace. If you work in Illustrator a lot this post is a must read.

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