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Photo via Arielle Vey

Happy Friday! I’ve got some work stuff to finish up before I can start my weekend but I’m looking forward to taking Emma to the beach with Aaron and possibly trying the new Salt & Straw that opened in Little Italy. Yesterday we got our ottoman delivered for our living room and now I’m on the lookout for some nice looking organizers for all of her toys(does anyone else feels like the toys are constantly accumulating!?) Anyways, heres some links I’m loving from the week.

Loved this interview with the co-founder of Billie, a new razor and body company for women. I have some of their products and I’m totally obsessed. Their razors are amazing and the sudsy body wash smells delicious(and works as a shave gel, too!)

→ Jessicas before and after of her kitchen reno is gorgeous!

I’m loving this playlist Lizbeth created on spotify. I’ve been listening to it constantly, it’s the perfect mix to play while getting work done.

These dreamy images Sakura took on a palm tree farm have me wanting to go on a road trip.

→ I loved reading the process of how the Doddle teether went from sketch to physical product. Emma loved using their pacifier as a teether when she was smaller so the idea that they’re releasing an actual teether is amazing. So excited for them!

→ I just ordered this jacket online and I’m kind of excited for it. I’ve never really been into denim jackets before but this one looks super cute. We’ll see how I feel when it arrives, ha.

→ I’m also eyeing these vegan flats. Super cute in blush!

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